`Parasite` and other Korean films `won` many awards

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`Parasite` and other Korean films `won` many awards 2
`Parasite` and other Korean films `won` many awards 2

`Determined to break up`

`Determination to Break Up` is the second most successful film in the Korean film industry in 2022. The film won the Blue Dragon Awards, taking home the most impressive series of awards in all categories: Best Director,

The detective film `Determined to Break Up` is mixed with emotions when Seo Rae (Thang Duy) tries every way to `manipulate the emotions` of Hae Jun (Park Hae Il) to find a way to escape the crime.

Until the end of the story, `Determined to Break Up` still leaves behind memories and torment about the love of the two main characters.

In addition to `Determination to Break Up`, `The Broker` is one of two works representing Korea to compete at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. The film received a 12-minute long applause after the premiere, along with

`Parasite` and other Korean films `won` many awards

`The Broker` impressed the audience with his own path filled with `healing` messages of family love.

`Parasite` is a film that impressively marks 100 years of Korean cinema history, is considered the best of the 21st century and is the pride of Asia.

`Parasite` and other Korean films `won` many awards

Overcoming the stereotype that academic works of art are picky about viewers, `Parasite` successfully portrays a clear social picture of stratification between people, the cause-and-effect relationship between possession and loss, changing lives.

`The Maid` is a masterpiece that shook the Asian cinema industry, spreading to the international market with the participation of Ha Jung Woo, Kim Min Hee, Kim Tae Ri.

`Parasite` and other Korean films `won` many awards

Even though it is a picky movie for viewers, `The Handmaid` still successfully conquers the audience’s hearts because the cast of characters holding the `soul` of the movie are built without following a fixed philosophical or ideological system.

Although not as famous as `Parasite`, `Mother` (2009) (Vietnamese title: `Mother`) by Won Bin and Kim Hye Ja is also an excellent work.

`Parasite` and other Korean films `won` many awards

Combining the styles of many different film genres, `The Mother` explores to the core, describing to the very end the hidden corners of the human soul.

The two parts of the `Along with the Gods` series are among the highest-grossing films of all time, surpassing 1 million views after just 3 days of release.

`Parasite` and other Korean films `won` many awards

`Along with the Gods` teaches many lessons about reincarnation and the law of cause and effect, reaping what you sow, and lessons about repentance and forgiveness.

Starring in the movie `Miss Baek`, Han Ji Min won the award for Best Actress (Rear Picture) of the prestigious Blue Dragon Film Awards, Baeksang Arts Awards and the 1st London East Asia Film Festival.

`Miss Baek` tells about the fight to live and be loved.

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