15 great anime adapted from video games

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15 great anime adapted from video games 1
15 great anime adapted from video games 1

Unlike games adapted from anime, anime adapted from games often provide an enjoyable experience for existing fans as well as newcomers.

When experiencing a certain game, players will have many factors to pay attention to such as gameplay systems, graphics, sound… Therefore, they can sometimes forget the story being told, or simply

Regardless of the reason, quite a few anime game adaptations end up providing a new, engaging experience for fans even if it may not be exactly the same as what they have already played.


15 great anime adapted from video games

Not only adapting the game’s story with slight changes, the anime `Danganronpa` also adds interesting details about the original worldview.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

15 great anime adapted from video games

`Cyberpunk: Edgerunners` is proof that anime adapted from games can be a great product in its own right.

Nier: Automata Ver1.1a

15 great anime adapted from video games

Yoko Taro is a game maker with strange creative thoughts, able to bring unexpected things to her products.


15 great anime adapted from video games

`Gungrave` is not a very famous game series, so it is not surprising that audiences who have watched the anime of the same name do not know the existence of the original game.


15 great anime adapted from video games

`Pokemon` can be considered the most successful anime adaptation of a game of all time, to the point that it is not strange if someone misunderstands the opposite.

Tales of Zestiria the X

Before `Tales of Zestiria`, anime adaptations of the `Tales of` franchise were often just short OVAs, briefly telling the story of the game or just about a specific moment.

Valkyria Chronicles

`Valkyria Chronicles` is a strategy RPG game that combines anime graphic style with unique gameplay mechanics.

God Eater

Monster hunting games often don’t have compelling storylines, and `God Eater` is no exception even though it tries to write a strange story with unique characters.

Devil May Cry

Dante of the `Devil May Cry` franchise has all the necessary elements to become the main character of an action anime such as possessing many fighting weapons, impressive costumes, and especially attitude.

Sengoku Basara

`Sengoku Basara` is Capcom’s answer to Koei Techmo’s `Dynasty Warriors`, or more accurately `Samurai Warriors`, franchise.


`Shenmue` is considered a classic name in the world gaming industry as it pioneered the true open world game genre.


The `Disgaea` anime adapts the plot of the first game released in 2003 with some minor changes to make things more cohesive.


Before `Sword Art Online` came out and made everyone crazy about the context of being trapped in a virtual reality game world, the `.hack` franchise had been pioneering since the early 2000s with both video games and anime


`Xenosaga` is an extremely ambitious RPG game series on the PlayStation 2 generation, but eventually had to reduce the original plan of producing 6 games to 3 consecutive games.

Scarlet Nexus

The story of the game `Scarlet Nexus` is not easy to adapt into an anime as it requires players to play twice, each time choosing a main character to get the full perspective.

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