Russia withdraws troops from Syria: Moscow’s unique move

Russia withdraws troops from Syria: Moscow's unique move 13
Russia withdraws troops from Syria: Moscow's unique move 13

Withdrawing troops from Khmeimim air base is considered a reasonable and wise decision by Moscow.

On December 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin unexpectedly visited Syria.

This also means that Russia still maintains a standing force at Khmeimim air base, rather than withdrawing all its troops as many people imagine.

A few days ago, Russia announced the complete liberation of Syria from IS control.

Currently, HTS is being cornered by the Syrian army in Hama – Idlib.

This is considered a reasonable and wise decision by Moscow.

First, the cost of maintaining forces in Syria is not small. Reducing forces means the cost of Russia’s military operations is reduced.

Second, the withdrawal of troops from Khmeimim air base serves as a reminder to the Assad government.

Russian forces will wholeheartedly protect their allies, but that does not mean that the Assad government depends entirely on Russia.

After the war against IS, government forces had a lot of experience on the battlefield and were capable of taking over the country with Russia’s help.

Third, Russia still retains its trump card in the Mediterranean called Kalibr.

With the ability to move and attack quickly, Russia can still make its enemies in Syria tremble.

Fourth, Russian forces withdrew as victors.

Russian media stated that the Russian army is planning to complete the military campaign in Syria before the end of 2017.

President Putin meets with the President of Türkiye

President Putin made a surprise visit to Syria before his business trip, meeting and working with Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in Cairo and Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara.

Mr. Putin’s business trip aimed to discuss bilateral relations including joint energy projects, the security situation in the Middle East, especially the Syrian conflict and the recent decision of US President Donald Trump.

During the meeting with the Turkish President, President Putin announced that the negotiations with Mr. Erdogan took place in a constructive spirit and discussed practical goals.

`I want to emphasize that the negotiations were carried out in a practical and constructive atmosphere. We discussed key issues of bilateral cooperation. Among them the process of implementing commercial projects

In addition, we exchanged views on hot issues of the international and regional agenda,` Mr. Putin told the media in Ankara.

According to Thanh Lap

Vietnamese newspaper

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