Three weird ‘fathers’ in the animal world

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Three weird 'fathers' in the animal world 9
Three weird 'fathers' in the animal world 9

They seem to have emotions and reason like humans, using their own feelings to make decisions regarding their young ones rather than just instinct.

If you love your mother, you will love your child

Pipefish are related to seahorses.

According to observations, male pipefish choose a mate based on size, only preferring females that are larger than themselves.

“We still cannot explain why male pipefish get pregnant and give birth based on their feelings for the female.

“It’s better to kill by mistake than to miss it.”

Horses are common mammals and were domesticated by humans very early, from around 4500 BC.

The stallion does not necessarily care for the foal, but still appears to be a good father.

Female horses are not faithful animals, so from the beginning, the male horse had to work hard to watch over his `wife`, not letting other male horses get close.

The male horse’s biggest concern is bloodline.

Male horses do not have the ability to distinguish the bloodline of their young, so they choose the most extreme strategy of `killing by mistake is better than missing`.

Urinating on eggs

The strawberry dart frog is a poisonous frog that lives in the tropical forests of Central and South America and on some Hawaiian islands.

Compared to other frog species, strawberry dart frogs lay very few eggs, only about 3 – 6 eggs/time.

According to researchers, urinating on eggs is how male dart frogs help female frogs hide the location of their eggs from predators.

Three weird 'fathers' in the animal world

Day and night, the male frog’s attention is focused on the eggs.

When the eggs hatch, the job of caring for the young returns to the female strawberry dart frog.

After about 43 – 52 days, strawberry dart frog tadpoles transform into froglets, crawl out of the flooded pandanus crevice and jump to search for food on land.

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