`God of War` Ruud Gullit officially appeared in the FIFA Online 4 arena

`God of War` Ruud Gullit officially appeared in the FIFA Online 4 arena 0
`God of War` Ruud Gullit officially appeared in the FIFA Online 4 arena 0

Perhaps you don’t need to be a long-time FIFA Online 4 player for you to have heard the phrase GULLIT ONLINE 4 at least once.

On July 25, FIFA Online 4 Vietnam officially announced 6 ICONS season legends associated with mythological themes including: Ruud Gullit, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Ryan Giggs, Lothar Matthäus, Bobby Moore and Alan

The upcoming update on July 27 promises to change the landscape of the FIFA Online 4 arena with the participation of the 6 supreme gods.

Let’s admire and take our hats off in awe of these gods!


`God of War` Ruud Gullit officially appeared in the FIFA Online 4 arena

Ruud Gullit – also known as `Black Tulip`, is the supreme god of all gods in ICONS mythology.

At the age of 16, Gullit started fighting with the HFC Haarlem team.

In 1985, Gullit joined PSV Eindhoven, scoring 53 goals, 29 assists in 75 matches and helping this team continuously dominate the Netherlands for 2 years.

In 1987, he moved to AC Milan, combining with two other gods, Frank Rijkaard and Marco van Basten, to form the legendary `Trident`, dominating Milan and expanding throughout Europe.

In 1988, he brought the Netherlands to the Euro crown with the highlight being the breakthrough goal in the final match.

Gullit proved that he was not only an excellent fighter but also a talented military man, holding both positions at the London – Chelsea army.

Comprehensive and unpredictable, strong and intelligent, Gullit fully deserves the title `Lord of the Gods`

`God of War` Ruud Gullit officially appeared in the FIFA Online 4 arena


`God of War` Ruud Gullit officially appeared in the FIFA Online 4 arena

With a handsome, gentle face, the enemy was easily fooled before witnessing the terrifying destruction every time Van Gol had the ball in the penalty area.

Feeling the infinite power from the god Van Gol, PSV – one of the three most powerful forces in the Netherlands at that time – convinced him to join the army.

Not yet satisfied with his thirst for conquest, the god of war ventured to the land of fog and joined the Red Devils of Manchester – an army with strong potential in this land, the classic striker chess piece was also deployed because of that.

A series of collective titles such as Premier League champion, FA Cup, Football League Cup as well as individual titles such as Premier League golden shoe, FA Cup top scorer, Champions League top scorer continuously come to Van.

Although he possesses strong abilities, the wounds from countless battles have somewhat tired the god. Although he no longer fights as explosively as before, he still contributes to helping the Spanish royal army win 2 cups.


`God of War` Ruud Gullit officially appeared in the FIFA Online 4 arena

Experienced many armies, experienced many fierce battles, from North Rhine-Westphalia of Mönchengladbach to Bavaria where the `Gray Tiger` Bayern Munich dominated, to the majestic Milan with the blue-black colors of Inter Milan.

As a talented leader, `Der Panzer` has enough courage and cold blood to lead his army to level each battle.

With those glorious achievements, Lothar was deservedly rewarded with the title `Golden Ball` in 1990. And to this day, when mentioning the greatest god, protector of Germany, many people do not hesitate.


`God of War` Ruud Gullit officially appeared in the FIFA Online 4 arena

As a son of `The Class Of ’92` family of `The Most High – Sir Alex Ferguson`, Ryan Giggs has been noticed throughout Europe because of his ability to master magic in football while still alive.

With the ability to use magic at a superior level, Ryan Giggs made many opponents frustrated when he escaped and appeared in the left wing corridor.

13 PL, 4 FA Cups, 2 C1 and countless records created after 963 big and small battles are enough to speak of greatness. Ryan Giggs – The god who uses the power of magic to `captivate` every heart


From a young age, Alan Shearer was discovered and recruited by the Southern Coast team – Southampton. Within just 2 weeks of joining, Shearer immediately scored a hat trick and defeated the London Gunners.

In 1992, Shearer joined Blackburn Rovers to continue his journey of spreading fear.

Growing up in Newcastle, Shearer of course always dreamed of one day serving his homeland.

Step by step, Shearer brought fear to his opponents, becoming a symbol of strength on Tyneside, and St.


As one of the ancient gods of the UK, Moore is admired not only for his outstanding talent, but also for his magnanimity and elegance in every battle.

Jock Stein once said that Bobby Moore knew everything that was going on at least 20 minutes before everyone else.

Dedicate all your strength to protect the blue – claret of the East London Sledgehammer, West Ham United.

Every mistake can be corrected, every enemy attack can be gently extinguished, simply because below us there is an ancient god, Bobby Moore.

Immerse yourself in the myth on July 27, 2022

All of these gods will officially appear in FIFA Online 4 from today, July 27, 2022. Let’s look forward to continuing to write memorable chronicles of these gods!

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