Mysterious stories that have no answers in the world

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Mysterious stories that have no answers in the world 5
Mysterious stories that have no answers in the world 5

Mysterious stories that have no answers in the world

Twin village

Vietnamnet newspaper quoted Northeast news website as saying that the remote village of Kodinhi in Malappuram district of Kerala state, India is known as the `twin village`.

Scientists believe that chemically contaminated water in the area is the cause of the strange phenomenon.

Many local people said that the phenomenon of twins occurred 60-70 years ago, and the cause is still unknown.

The house has no door

In the village of Shani Shingnapur in the state of Gujarat, there are no buildings, shops or schools with doors.

Even though there is no screen door, the villagers do not worry about security, because there has never been any theft here.

They consider all property in the house to be protected by Shani, the Hindu god famous for his temper and integrity, so it can never be stolen.

The disappearance of a Roman legion

Online Knowledge magazine quoted the book A mystery is forever a mystery as saying that after an incompetent Roman army led by general Crassus was defeated by the Persian army, it is believed that a small group of prisoners of war were killed.

A historian from Oxford University compared ancient documents and said that the Roman remnants built a small town named Liqian (the Chinese spelling of the word `Roman`) near the Gobi desert.

How did Helike City disappear?

Greek writer Pausanias described the scene of a terrible earthquake that destroyed the city of Helike overnight, followed by a terrible tsunami that engulfed all that remained of the once prosperous capital.

The capital of this alliance of Achae city-states was the center of worship of the sea god Poseidon.

In 2001, two archaeologists located the city of Helike beneath a layer of mud and gravel.

The bridge at Overtoun causes dogs to commit suicide

Overtoun Bridge, near the town of Dumbarton, appears to have the ability to `induce` dogs to commit suicide.

The Scottish Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals sent a representative to investigate but there were no results.

Many theories have been put forward, including: the theory that the bridge is haunted (this is a fairly popular theory after a local man threw his son off the bridge in 1994);

Above are some unanswered mysteries in the world.


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